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What to Wear to Gen Beauty

Gen Beauty is one of my favorite events of the year because I get to connect with all my online blogger friends. Every time I leave Gen Beauty I’m inspired by all the creative looks I see and the energy the attendees carry. It is amazing how we can meet new friends and bond over our love for anything beauty! I complied a couple of pictures for those of you who are planning to attend. Link in the comments your #ootds if you have gone to any Gen Beauty event in the past, I’d love to see them. All the pictures are from Gen Beauty San Francisco, make sure to show the girls in the pictures some love! <3

Also, I have a YouTube video where I talk about networking at Gen Beauty as a social media influencer

Also here is the hashtag link in case you want to see more Gen Beauty pictures: 

Buy your Gen Beauty ticket here:

Sneaking a peek at new makeup by @maccosmetics can make a girl smile! #genbeauty #genbeauty2017 #genbeautysf

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From #genbeauty #genbeautysf day 1 ✨

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