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Pixi Beauty Gel Tint and Silk Gloss Review

pixi beauty gel tint and silk gloss review

The Pixi by Petra double-sided gel tint and silk gloss wands are a must-have for the Summer season. Not only are they a staple for everyday wear, they are super moisturizing and hydrating. One side of the tube is a gel tint and the other is a silk gloss, super easy for when you are on the go and want tinted glossy lips.

One of my favorite things about Pixi products is the hydration and nourishment effect on your skin and the gel lip stains are no exception.

Because they are sheer, I love to wear these over my regular lipstick. The gel glosses provide a long-lasting lip tint and stained effect, while the aloe vera and shea butter infused lip gloss keeps lips hydrated and nourished.

They are paraben free and not tested on animals.

How to use: 

• Step 1: Apply tint or gloss onto lips for a quick pick me up or layer first with the tint then top off with the gloss for added dimension

Pixi Beauty PinkTint

PinkTint get here.

Pixi Beauty Pretty Gloss

PrettyGloss get here. 

Pixi Beauty FreshGloss

FreshGloss get here. 

Pixi Beauty FreshGloss

BeachTint get here.

BerryTint get here.

Sweetgloss get here.

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