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Styling Forever 21 basic pieces doesn’t have to be boring. In this video, I will show you how to style pieces from Forever 21. All of the clothing from the video was either from the basics or clearance section, but I’m going to link some similar pieces if I can’t find the exact pieces.

My favorite thing to do when shopping at Forever 21 is go directly to the sale/clearance section and find basic pieces and style them up with really cute shoes or accessories. A lot of people always tell me that they don’t like the clearance section at Forever 21 because it’s so cluttered. I use to think that way but then I started tackling it by section. It may seem cluttered but it’s kind of organized by style. Depending if I’m looking for tops or pants, that’s where I check first. Then I look at every piece.

You don’t have to spend tons of money to look chic, sometimes it’s all about the small little details in the shirt or pants. One of the biggest ways to change a basic outfit is finding pieces that you normally wouldn’t wear. For example, if you always wear regular jeans, opt for colored jeans. You don’t have to do a drastic change, it can be subtle like tan/brown pants like the ones I show in my video. Forever 21 has toooooooooooonnnnsssss of colored jeans for only $10.

I want to start doing affordable styling videos from different stores. Let me know your thoughts on that.
Aviator Sunglasses:
Crochet Trim Tee:
Hunter Green Booties:

Striped Boxy Shirt:
Jean Skirt:
Pink Booties:

Suede Nude Top:

FTC DISCLAIMER: This video is not sponsored. Clothing bought with my own money.

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