The Truth About Sororities

There is no doubt that if you are planning to go to a 4-year university that you will hear the term “sorority”. I’m not going to lie, when I first got to college, I imagined sororities to be like what you see in the movies. The only reason why I decided to check them out was because one of my first friends in university convinced me to go to an orientation to learn more about sororities. That’s when I learned the truth about sororities. So, what is a sorority? A sorority is a group of women formed by a sisterhood. Sororities enhance your educational experience by emphasizing intellectual, interpersonal and social development. The ideals of lifelong friendship, education, community service and social interaction are what sorority members strive to live by every day. Because it’s hard to explain to those that aren’t in a sorority what exactly it is, I decided to create a video on the truth about sororities.  

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