Selena Gomez Revival Tour 2016

selena revival tour

I’ve been a Selena Gomez fan since her Barney days. So once the Revival Tour concert tickets went on sale, it was on my radar to make sure I was there, literally waited four months to go. The Revival Tour concert opened with Joe Jonas and honestly wasn’t really a big fan of his new music. I tried to dance to it but it was a little too rock for me and not in the same genre as Selena’s music. At first I didn’t recognize him and then once I figured it out felt a little silly. So funny!

Once Selena Gomez came out my excitement was through the roof. I didn’t stop dancing and singing the whole time she sang live. Probably why the next day I was super tired, that and only slept two hours before heading to work. According to Selena the Fresno crowd was a lot louder than the one in Las Vegas, but I can attest to that because everyone kept screaming and chanting her name the whole time. She sang all the songs on her newest album as well as some older tunes.

The best part of the concert was when she grabbed a fans sign that said “Marry Justin Please” and crumbled it up. Talk about sending out a message to your ex. You guys should Google the video if you haven’t seen it already.

I wish I could go to another one of her concerts in another city before the Revival Tour is over.

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