Affordable Dress for Formal – Wet Seal

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Ever since I started working at the news station in the wee hours of the morning as a news assistant, nights out are not part of my weekend routine anymore. I’m only working part-time but lot of times I have to say no because I’m just so tired. Most of my friends don’t understand that I’m on a different schedule now and try to get me to go places. It was nice to actually go out and have fun with my sorority sisters to celebrate our five year anniversary. Honestly, if it wasn’t for some of the girls in the sorority, this blog wouldn’t exist. Sure, the blog originated from wanting to have my own voice but being in the sorority allowed my inner leader to develop. Because of my role as the president, I developed the understanding on how to run an organization and those business tactics are the same ones I use  to bring you the best content possible.

My dress was super affordable. I didn’t want to buy an expensive formal dress because throughout college, I don’t know how many I bought and only ended up using them once. The dress is from Wet Seal you can find it here or some similar at the end of the post. My gold shoes are from the discounted section at Forever 21 so they are no longer available, sorry! But I managed to find similar ones at Nine West here, and honestly those are probably more comfortable!

formal dress



Find similar affordable pieces down below 🙂

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