Prom Makeup for Brown Eyes || Soft and Pink

As your guys know. I’m apart of the Ipsy Open Studios, so a couple of us decided to collaborate on creating prom looks. Because of how diverse the group is there is something for everyone. This is my first time collaborating and it was really fun. Back in high school, I didn’t really wear makeup, just eyeliner and mascara. I wanted to keep those girls in mind, the ones who don’t wear any makeup, but want to look glam on prom night. Pink is a really soft color, so it won’t make you uncomfortable, especially for beginners.

You’ll see how incredibly talented everyone is and they are defiantly worthy of a million subbies. I went ahead and linked everyones YouTube channel incase you want to check them out, promise you, they won’t disappoint.

If you decide to create any of these looks don’t forget to tag them on Instagram.

Prom Makeup Tutorial Collab | Olive Green Eyes & Nude Lips

Prom Makeup Collab 2016 | Blue and Coral Eyes
INSTA: @briarrose91

Champagne and Dark Brown Halo Smokey Eye
INSTA: @_kezb_

Prom Makeup Tutorial Collaboration / All Drugstore

Prom Makeup Tutorial 2016 Collab | Silver Glitter Cut Crease
INSTA: @beautybabbleswithb

Golden Peach Smokey Eye
INSTA: @lyssabrivera

Prom Collab: Ipsy Open Studios/Makeup For Black Girls Series
INSTA: @alyjaemua

Ipsy Prom Collab : Rose Gold Halo Eye
INSTA: @sheilabere

Prom Makeup Tutorial Collab l Bold Purple
INSTA: @thisdolllex

Prom Makeup Tutorial Collab | Cobalt Blue Eyes & Nude Lips
INSTA: @sassysamey

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