Coachella X H&M X Fiona


H&M once again did a fantastic job on creating pieces for Coachella, happening this weekend. Every year, my goal is to go to the music festival but something ends up happening and the plans don’t fall through. The number one reason why I love Coachella inspired clothing is because everything is so “bohemian” and laid back.

H&M designer Ross Lydon in a release: “We love Coachella because we enjoy its democratic spirit and the bonding experience it creates. To us, Coachella is about using fashion and music to express energy and that is what is reflected in this collection.”

Word is, H&M will have a tent set up at Coachella for those that forgot something to give that extra flair to their outfit.



Shirt and booties: H&M

Pants: Wet Seal

Bag and Hat: Forever 21

Sunnies: Claire’s




For more H&M and Coachella Outfit Inspiration, check out Fiona from Paris, France. Her look centers around the accessories at H&M but don’t let me explain it all, check it out for yourself!!  (Click here to see her post).


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