Fall Look Book


My style is always the best way to show others how I’m feeling. As Fall weather is approaching, I wanted to incorporate pastels and fun colors in my wardrobe instead of bringing out the boring neutral colors. I don’t know about you but gray weather makes me want to stay inside all day and not do anything. Hopefully by wearing playful colors it will encourage me to get out of the house more as the colder season approaches. Also, color makes me feel happy and brings out my creative side.

Most of the items in the Fall look book, I scored them on the clearance section at Express or New York & Co. I’m not really the type to purchase anything for full price. I really wanted to splurge on some Jeffery Campbell shoes, but when I saw the boots at Forever 21, decided that they were a better option instead of forking over $200 for a pair of shoes. Also, I thought that you guys would benefit more from these boots instead of the other ones.

Let me know which Fall outfit is your favorite and let me know how you will be incorporating color into the Fall season.



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