Fall Fashion Wish List 2015

Every season, as trends come and go, I like to make a wish list. Although, I don’t necessarily buy everything on the list, creating a wish list gives me an idea of what I want to buy that season. Most of the time, my wish lists consist of trends. My favorite season has always been summer but for some reason, I’ve been so anxious for fall to drink all those yummy pumpkin spice lattes. YUM!

For Fall, I’ve been inspired by garments that were on the runway recently.

Faux-Fur Stoles
When I saw the faux-fur stoles on the runway, my heart jumped out of my chest. My city is not fashion forward at all, so even wearing a down-played version of the ones on the runway would get me stares on the street. I don’t know why, but wearing faux-fur stole makes me feel glam and fancy.

faux fur scarf

Flare Pants
Back in fifth grade, I swore flare pants would never be in my closet again. Fast-forward to 2015, I’m mesmerized by the flare. If worn with heeled pointed shoes you can elongate your legs, and any girl under 5’5 is sure to appreciate that.

flare jeans

’70s Vibe
I’m going to have to blame my boyfriend for this one. Recently, he has been watching That’s 70s Show re-runs and the outfits worn by Donna Pinciotti and Jackie Burkhart have definitely had an influence in my window shopping. This boho dress definitely embodies the ’70s trend, with its use of oranges and pattern on the sleeves and lower part of dress.

70s vibes

Turtle neck shirts and sweaters were also on my “never again” list back in middle school. They are kind of tricky to style, but when styled right it gives off a polished look. For my east coast gals one way to style them is under long trench coats and for my east coast gals, there are tons of turtle neck crop tops to wear under thinner sweaters.

turtle neck

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