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This weekend I was able to visit the Dermalogica Headquarters in Carson, CA. It was a really fun event where I got to learn about skin care for adults. Growing up I wanted to be a dermatologist, anyone who knew me as a teenager knew my aspiration to jump into that career. I was even enrolled in ROP medical science classes in high school, so you can imagine the joy as I headed to the Dermalogica headquarters.

I always thought there was one type of acne. The acne that we get as teenagers (I was lucky to never have acne as a teenager) is not the same as when we are adults, isn’t that interesting? Teenagers get acne due to hormone changes (not a shocker) but adults get acne due to stress levels. I’ve always wondered why I started getting acne as an adult and not a teen……

Everyone got the chance to get a personal skin analysis by an expert. The skin expert who analyzed my skin determined I had combination skin, and then recommended me some products to help my problems areas. I was surprised to hear I had dehydration under my eyes.



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Currently at the Dermalogica Headquarters learning about skin care. #fresnoblogger #beautyblogger #blogparty

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Dermalogica treated us very good and even sent us home with a blog party goody box. I’ll be doing a full video review on the products, just give me a week to try them out. I want to give a full honest review. 


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