How to make MONEY during quaratine right now

  1. Start an Esty shop

If you are crafty and creative, starting an Etsy shop might be the route for you.

Etsy provided a beginner’s guide to selling on their website and how to get started. READ HERE.

Watch these videos on TikTok about Esty Shops

Stickers Etsy shop:

2. Start a YouTube channel

I have several videos about running a successful YouTube channel without having to have millions of followers. Remember, not everything is about followers, having a small loyal community that gets you is the most important.

3. Offer your skills on Fiverr

Use the skills that you have. If you are an expert at SEO offer to research key words for small businesses or YouTubers. If you know how to use Photoshop well, offer to create YouTuber’s thumbnails.

If you are savvy with video editing programs like Premiere or Final Cut Pro X, offer to edit YouTube videos, 60-second Instagram videos, TikTok videos.

4. Edit/review other people’s resumes

If you have been working in your industry, offer to edit entry-level resumes or offer to provide tips on how they can improve their resume and cover letters. You can also offer to peer edit other’s grad school application.

5. Provide consulting services

Think about something that people always go to you for advice. Your time is precious and should be compensated accordingly.

You can set up a generic website with your services on websites like Squarespace.

6. Delivery services

I think most people know about these services but look into one that is the most convenient for you and your life style. If you live in larger cities, you can walk and don’t need a car to deliver food.

7. Teach English to kids oversees

If you have a bachelor’s degrees you can teach english to kids in other countries. VIPKids

8. Craigslist gigs

There is a little section on the bottom on right corner of Craigslist where people post temp gigs.

9. Dog walking

Some people are too busy to walk their own dogs. Post flyers in your neighborhood or set up a profile on

10. Virtual Assistant


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