Budgeting, saving money, debt for beginners

In the past year, I have been really conscious of my spending habits. It all started after I lost my job November 2018. I got myself into a financial pickle and don’t want to be caught in that situation again. I was simply not prepared and it was definitely a learning experience.

I spent a couple of hours last month to really get me back on track and unfortunately I didn’t find any templates that fit my lifestyle.

This is the budget sheet I created for myself.

There are a couple of articles that helped me learn where I needed to cut down in some areas of my spending.

7 Spending Percentages Every Woman Should Follow

6 Essential Budgeting Tips for New College Grads

I have also been watching Dave Ramsey videos on YouTube. He offers a lot of useful information and action plans for financial success. I seriously went down the rabbit hole once I started watching his videos.


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