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I went to Seattle for Labor Day weekend to celebrate my birthday and anniversary with my boyfriend. I wanted to share with you my itinerary for a fun four-day weekend, in case you are planning a trip to the city.

I underestimated how big Seattle really is and surprisingly very easy to get around. We got around by using both their transportation and Mazda 6 Signature loaned to me.



The first day we arrived we went to the Bumbershoot Festival because we wanted to see T-Pain and J.Cole perform. Prior to purchasing our tickets, we didn’t realize that it was Labor Day weekend and while searching for things to do in Seattle we stumbled upon this festival. They had an amazing and diverse line up all three days, ranging from the Chainsmokers, SZA, Lil Wayne, Illenium, Fleet Foxes, Pheonix, Ludacris and so many more!


I was so caught up in the moment that I didn’t really even take photos there like I planned to. One thing, I found unique about this festival is the option to do Yoga. We didn’t get there early enough to join in.

Bumbershoot is one of Seattle’s largest cultural touchstones. Each year, thousands of people from across the country flock to Seattle Center to attend this acclaimed festival, which has become one of the biggest and most-loved contemporary festivals in North America.

DAY 2: Pike Market

This day was reserved for the touristy must do’s. We started the day by eating at Crawfish King and ordered a pound of shrimp and a pound of crawfish, along with a couple sides. We ordered mild. I’ve been to a couple crawfish restaurants in California and ordering mild is still kind of spicy, but at Crawfish King, I would go with medium or spicer. The prices are really affordable. You can check out their menu here. 

Then we headed off to Pike Place Market. 

Pike Place Market is a special community within the heart of Seattle’s downtown. It is a vibrant neighborhood comprised of hundreds of farmers, craftspeople, and small businesses.  It’s the perfect spot to get some flowers and take Instagram photos in front of the gum wall or Pike Market Place sign. Photo opportunities are endless. If you don’t like large crowds avoid this area. It’s kind of hard to navigate because of the abundance of people there.

There are several places to eat at Pike Market and also several vendors selling coffee and ice cream on the street. The history of how the market originated is very interesting. You can check it out here. 

In that same area, you can head down to the Seattle Waterfront and ride the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge for only $8.50. Even if you’re not planning to stay on the other side it’s always fun to just enjoy some time on a water ride to reflect.

There a couple of other things that I wish I would have had more time to go to– Whiskey Bar, Alki Beach, Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room, Sweet Iron Waffles, Seattle Underground Tour.


DAY 3: Mt. Rainier Bus Tour

There are several bus tours that take you to explore nature at Mt. Rainier. We booked our tour with Take Tours and caught the bus at China Town,  but would not recommend booking with them. I always like to pay for any tours and fees before going on the trip, to not worry about scrambling for cash during the trip. But at the end of the trip, the tour guide charged us again for the tour and he asked for it in cash. We also realized that we came back two hours earlier than mentioned when purchasing the tickets online.

But other than those two things the trip was nothing but amazing and the scenery was absolutely beautiful. First, the tour took us to Narada Falls–located on the road from Longmire to Paradise, just one mile west of the entrance to the Paradise area.

Visit Narada Falls here. 


We spent most of our time at the Wildflower Meadow Paradise, where there were several short hikes to go on. This loop trail goes through subalpine meadows and then above the tree line to snowfields and rocky areas with amazing views of glaciers, distant peaks and the summit of Rainier. Definitely requires sturdy footwear such as hiking boots and good lungs and knees. Tops out about 7,000 feet above sea level.

Visit Paradise Meadows here.


Mount Rainier National Park is named for Mount Rainier itself, the tallest peak in the United States and an active volcano predicted to massively erupt sometime in the next decade.


DAY 4: Moo Bar Seattle

I could not leave Seattle without checking out the Moo Bar in Seattle. I’m a huge boba addict. The tea leaves used to make the boba teas are chosen specifically to produce the perfect blend of flavor and aroma. Out of all the milk teas I have had these tasted the most like an actual tea and not just pure sugar. If you’re looking for a super sweet boba drink, I would not recommend this place.

I got the Moo Bar Special, which is a freshly brewed Ceylon black tea with signature “moo” milk. You can check out their menu here. 


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