Dealing with self-doubt in your 20s can be very stressful and it can put a serious damper on your career. I’m here to help you overcome self-doubt. Your goals will not be accomplished overnight. It takes time to get to where you are meant to be. Rome was not built overnight, and neither should your career. How boring would it be if you had instant success? You would not have stories to tell and inspire others to continue their journey.

1. Create a mood board 

All successful people create mood boards for a reason. It gives them a sense of purpose and a goal to look forward to. In the past year, I started creating mood boards for all small and big events in my life. In your mood boards, you can add your favorite quotes, places you would love to travel to, people you admire, etc. Keep yourself focused on your goals by placing your mood board as a screen saver on your phone. We reach for our phones daily, multiple times a day.

2. Giving up is not an option.

Just because you are thinking of switching your career or are considering getting another job, does not mean you are failing. Life happens. For those thinking of changing your career, remember that you were fresh out of high school, with no prior real-world life experience. You are a completely different person now than when you were only 20  years old. And for those considering getting another job, understand that every job gives you skills that are transferable to another job. Even if they are not in the same field.

3. Hang around people that believe and support you. 

Keep your circle of friends small. You will find that being selective about whom you give your time to brings a more positive. When I was younger, I use to want to have a lot of friends. But over time, I realized that most of those people I considered friends, did not have the same mindset I do, nor did they have the same priorities.

4. Look at the big picture. 

In our 20s we tend to analyze our life based on our current situations. It can be difficult to realize that situations will get better, but you have to trust the process. We all have a purpose in life and it is up to us to uncover what that purpose is. Some are able to find that WHY in life sooner than others, but once you do everything else will fall into place.





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