My Olay 28-Day Challenge- I tried it and here is what happened

Taking care of your skin is so important and making the effort to follow a strict skincare routine can make a difference. I’m a huge advocate for nourishing your skin, no matter your age! Since I was a little girl my mom encouraged my sisters and me to apply SPF cream to our faces before going to school. Even though we couldn’t afford an extensive skincare regime, we still made a conscious effort to wash our faces in the morning and night. As an adult, I became even more enamored by skincare products.

For the past month, I switched up my routine and challenged myself to change my skincare habits for the better by taking part in the Olay 28-Day Challenge! In the last 28 days, I have been using the Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Moisturizer with SPF 15 as a daytime moisturizer and the Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Gel both in the morning and evening.

Olay 28-day Challenge

Last month, I was extra busy going to work, planning a summit and creating content for you guys. The Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Gel both in the morning and evening came in handy. The cooling gel hydrated and plumped my delicate skin under the eyes–right where fine lines first appear.

It has a fast-absorbing formula enriched with vitamins for a long-lasting hydration. I simply placed a small amount around the eye area, under the eyes, outer corners, and eyelids–honestly super relaxing on those extra long days.

The Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Moisturizer with SPF 15 is a huge game changer! I saw results just the day after. It evened out my skin tone and appearance. Although it claimed to minimize the look of pores, for me there was no real difference. My pores aren’t huge but when my skin is dehydrated you can definitely see them under my eye area.

I applied it about 15 minutes before applying the rest of my makeup for better results.

Olay 28-day Challenge

After 28 days, my skin was GLOWING! You can definitely tell there is a healthy visible glow. During the 28-days my skin felt cared for and I always looked forward to applying it because it left my skin feeling hydrated and moisturized throughout the day. One of my favorite things about this challenge was that it was easy-to-incorporate into my hectic life without having to think too much about any other steps. The challenge happened at the perfect time. Now, I challenge you to start your journey to change your skincare habits for the better.

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