How to Style a Striped Button Down Shirt

pink haley handbag
Pink Haley Handbag. Add classic style to your ensemble and carry your essentials conveniently with this satchel, featuring an eye-catching design.

I recently found this cute little coffee spot when filming a fashion video for my YouTube channel with my one and only fashion blogger friend in the city that I live in, Amanda. So, I just had to go back and take pictures. This coffee spot reminds me of the coffee shops you find in Paris. It was so perfect for the vibe that I was going for.

The roses in the back were an added bonus, as I don’t think they were there there last time I was there. They totally help bring out my wine-colored handbag from Pink Haley Handbags. Being that I was in old-town Clovis, there’s a lot of vintage stores around. And this bag totally reminds me of the bags I’ve seen in there. The bag makes this outfit playful, instead of an office job outfit. When styling a classic striped button-down shirt, it doesn’t have to scream corporate or boring. When you pair it with the right accessories it easily can become super chic. Depending on where you work, add a silver necklace to compliment the button-down.

I just love that there’s so many pretty flowers to look at during Spring. I use to say that Summer was my favorite season but I may have some second thoughts now, never really took the time to appreciate the flowers and roses that bloom during this time.

pink haley handbag

pink haley handbag

Stripped shirt: H&M, find similar here

Jeans: Forever 21, find similar here

Shoes: Just Fab, find here

Handbag: Pink Haley handbag, find here or get black version of this bag here.

pink haley handbag pink haley handbag



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