Kylie Jenner Inspired (Coachella Makeup)

It’s no doubt that Kylie Jenner inspires millions of girls. Besides, Vanessa Hudgens, I consider Kylie one of the queens of Coachella. She and her sister have really taken over the music festival in great style and pretty makeup looks. As the music festival approaches next month, I decided to a Kylie Jenner inspired Coachella makeup look. ENJOY!

Es indudable que Kylie Jenner inspira a millones de ninas. Kylie es una de las reinas de Coachella. Ella y su hermana realmente se han apoderado del festival de musica con unos super outfits y maquillaje bonito. A medida que se acerca el festival de musica el proximo mes, decidi recrear un look de Kylie cuando fue. 

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