How To: Revamp Your Closet X Crossroads

Trends come and go every season, so why should we shell out hundreds of dollars only to ditch certain clothing items a few months later? Clothing stores like Crossroads, are a great way to come across trending pieces for a fraction of the price. In case you don’t know, Crossroads is a consignment store where customers sell their in-style, on-trend clothing and accessories for cash or trade credit on the spot.

What I like to do is, go to the mall or look through fashion magazines and pull out inspiration. Then I head out to a clothing store like Crossroads and find similar pieces. That way, once the season is over I don’t feel guilty over spending my money. It’s a great way to save, especially if you are in college or a recent grad like myself.

Being from a city that lacks a fashion scene, it gets really difficult to find cool clothing stores to revamp your closet. So, I headed out to Stockton, CA to find key pieces to revamp my wardrobe for the winter season using only $100.

If you want to sell your clothes, don’t forget to check out the selling guide.


*The video was sponsored by Crossroads.

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