How to: Style Boyfriend Jeans

boyfriend jeans1

Honestly, when the boyfriend jeans started trending, I was intimidated. It was when I was interning at the Seventeen Magazine office and all the girls were going crazy over the jeans. The boxiness of the jeans scared me and I didn’t want to look like my body was being eaten up by the jeans. But over the summer, I decided to give it a go and with a lot of trial and error, I finally figured out how to wear them. In the video below, besides showing you how to style the jeans, I also explain how a certain top or shoes look better. Even though, I call myself a fashionista, there are so many times where I get a little scared to get out of my comfort zone, but when I do, I obsess over that look for several months.

Luckily, for those of us who live in California or other warmer parts of the U.S., we can rock ripped boyfriend jeans for a little while longer. It’s definitely a go-to piece on the weekends, because the look is so effortless and comfy, but if you style it the right way you can pretty much get away with wearing them everywhere without looking like you are having a lazy day.

boyfriend jeans

If you decide to try out the boyfriend jeans for the first time or if you are a boyfriend jean veteran, don’t forget to send me pictures or tag me on Instagram or Twitter. I love to see my followers trying out new things or items I suggest.

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