Back to School: College Outfits

back to school

In college you have a little more freedom to wear what you want. You can really express how you are feeling through your clothing, even if it means wearing your pajamas to your 7 a.m. class. My high school didn’t┬áreally have a dress code so I wasn’t deprived to dress fashionably.

Last weekend, I was busy putting a “College Edition Outfits” video for back to school. Most fashion gurus out there target the high school girls but forget that most high schools have strict dress codes and put outfits together that aren’t well suited for high school. I love to have fun making videos and didn’t want to restrict myself, when I put the outfits together and decided to make a outfits video for college girls.

Remember, if you show up to class in pajamas the professors won’t take you as seriously. Even waking up 30 minutes earlier will make a huge difference in your presentation. Dress for success and have fun!

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